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If you are the type of person that feels that every purchase is a vote for better health and a better future, Conscious Chicago is your new home.

Conscious News
Up-to-date, by the minute, conscious news and feeds. Check in often to stay updated on the latest breaking energy, environment, and health news. Also, check out our FREE Chicago feed
that features FREE things to do around Chicago.

FREE Conscious Shopping Directory
Conscious Chicago offers a valuable directory of local businesses and organizations that are eco-friendly, socially responsible, and/or natural. The directory is broken down into categories for easier searching. You can find a dropdown menu of links at the top of each page for all of the categories under the "DIRECTORIES" link.

We offer
FREE address and phone listings to ALL businesses and organizations that offer "conscious" choices in the Chicago-Metro area.

FREE Community Events Calendar
Looking for something to do? Checkout our events calendar. The calendar lists festivals, green events, farmers markets, music concerts, and other events. Many events are free, check it out and plan your weekend.

Do you have a special event, farmers market, or non-profit fund raiser coming up? 
Let the conscious community know when and where by posting your event on our Event Calendar. A great FREE tool for all conscious business/organizations.

Inspirational Photo/Art Contest
ConsciousChicago.com also supports the arts because it is artistic expression in all of its forms, which brings about awareness in societies that may have become complacent and forgotten to think forward. The Inspirational Photo/Art Contest is an opportunity for artists and photographers to get noticed by entering to win the prime header space of ConsciousChicago.com each month.

Conscious Chicago is the home of HERBAPEDIATM a one of a kind user edited reference guide to medicinal herbs and their values. This wonderful community created resource is a collaboration of knowledge and experience in the genre of natural wellness.

This a great opportunity to absorb some knowledge or share some. Explore numerous common and uncommon herbs and plants that provide nutritional and medicinal benefits.

How do we offer these amazing resources free to the community, businesses, and organizations?

Our generous local sponsors, advertisers, affiliates, and readers who donate whatever they can make it all possible.
Visit a Conscious Chicago Sponsor website or store today!