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The Winner: Nov.. 15th Inspirational Photo/Art Contest

The Winner: Sept. 15th Inspirational Photo/Art Contest

The Winner: August 15th Inspirational Photo/Art Contest

The Winner : July 15th Inspirational Photo/Art Contest

The Winner : June 15th Inspirational Photo/Art Contest

The Winner : May 15th Inspirational Photo/Art Contest


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Jarvis Quarterman - Chicago IL
Self portrait, from a series called maybe it's me. - film

Elizabeth Randerson - Sandwich IL
photograph from a series on abandoned farmhouses of Illinois, depicting the stark contrast between the past and the future of progress. - digital


Get Creative and Win!
(contest temporarily canceled...
it will be back online soon)

What Kind Of Images Can I Enter?
You may enter your inspirational photos or artwork of nature, personal interactions, or whatever you feel will inspire the community. Please only enter your original photos artwork, and keep written waivers for your own records of all human subjects for legal purposes. No obscene or offensive images will be allowed. Please note: the shape of the space available is not flexible. Images may be cropped to fit by Conscious Chicago designers. The space is 910 x 300 pixels. To control how your image is cropped, you can crop it to the appropriate size yourself before submitting (910 x 300 pixels).

How Does It Work?
you submit an acceptable image it will be posted on this page and voted on by the community and the judges at Conscious Chicago. The winning image will be featured above in the header image area of all of the Conscious Chicago pages for four weeks.

Text will be applied over the image including the artist's name, description of image, the media used, a shout-out to the artist's favorite conscious business/organization or the artist him/herself with website, phone number, or address (
conscious business or organization: Any business or organization that provides sustainable, green, organic, natural, fair-trade, free range, eco-friendly, socially responsible, arts and culture products or services, not limited to the companies listed on this website.). It's a FREE marketing opportunity!

How Do I Enter The Contest?

Simply fill out the Contest entry form below; when you submit the form with your information it will bring you to a page that will instruct you where to email the photo. In 1-2 business days you should be able to view your image on this page along with other contest entries.

How Do I Vote On An Image?
Simply enter your name and email address then choose your favorite Atrist from the provided list on the voting form at the top of the right column. Your name and email are required to discourage voters from placing multiple votes. Your information will not be sold or shared.

(contest temporarily canceled...
it will be back online soon)

Submit Your Photo

In this area, you can enter text about your contact form. You may want to explain what happens after a visitor submits the form and include a contact phone number.

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I certify that any images I submit are my own unique photographs or artwork and are not copyrighted by anyone else. All human subjects have agreed in writing to waive their rights to the image and it's usage. I agree to allow the use of any images I submit to Conscious Chicago to be used by Conscious Chicago on the website and on printed promotional pieces as Conscious Chicago sees fit, with inclusion of artists name and information provided on this form.

After submitting this form you will be brought to a page with directions on how to email your image to Conscious Chicago and complete your submission.