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Sharing Knowledge About Natural Medicinals 


The previous version of Started out as an "Herapedia" where herbs were listed alphabetically with their medicinal and Nutritional values. The goal was to compile the most comprehensive Encyclopedia of natural medicinals on the web.

Unfortunately, we were thinking too linearly. The list grew and cross referencing/cross-linking all of the ailments and herbs became a cumbersome chore, and the alphabetical pages grew longer and longer, making it hard to use.

This new site will eventually contain all of the same valuable information, but instead of the linear book-like model, you will be able to search this site by key word (herb, ailment, symptom) and chose to read from a list relevant results. This way you can more easily find and read about more than one herb that fit's your symptoms. This will make it easier to decide which natural medicinals you want to use to help support your health.

A New Direction

 The previous format also branched out in many directions: Music, Art, News, Community Events, etc. All of which we are very passionate about, but our focus started to become blurred.

We are still very passionate about supporting art, music and staying informed about news that impacts our communities. So please like, follow, and share with us on Facebook and Twitter. We're happy to share and retweet.  

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